Adding value to the applications that run your business

Getting the most from your IT investment and driving business growth depends on effective management of your enterprise information systems. Enhancing the performance and value of your applications, however, is no easy task, especially in today's business world. Tight IT budgets, increased IT complexity, time-to-market pressures and changing business requirements make it difficult for companies to ensure their applications are delivering maximum value.

ManEdge can help you.We offer end-to-end application management services that deliver the expertise, skills, solutions and quality you need to successfully build, run and evolve your enterprise applications.

Organizations in all industries are under enormous pressure to do more with less. With our services, clients are lowering administrative and operating costs, delivering new services more quickly, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing their focus on core business activities.

Our services offerings combine deep industry expertise, high-quality process execution, and technology capabilities and scale with a distinct partnership model. We carefully address your unique business needs while leveraging the efficiencies and savings that come from ManEdge balanced blend of global delivery options.

The result is secure, highly streamlined work processes with an enhanced level of efficiency and productivity, together with a business analytics capability that delivers real value. With each of our services, we build in a route map for future innovation and continuous improvement.

Our Main Services Overview

Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems can be used to create, assign and manage requests made by customers, such as call center software which helps direct customers to agents.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP provides an integrated real-time view of core business processes, using common databases maintained by a database management system.

Pull and Push SMS

Push SMS is a promotional and Transactional SMS service, Pull SMS is a transactional incoming SMS service. Both the services will enable us for Two-Way communication, information and advertisement.

Mobile Application Development

ManEdge provides the solutions for the mobile applications to meet the business requirement to made easy access.

Bio-Metric Time & Security Systems

Bio-Metric systems is an integrated services for the Time Attendance Tracking, security access control systems and core business process to increase high security.

Cloud Based Services

Cloud-based applications live on the Internet rather than on your local computer. The user can access those applications wherever you are need an Internet connection.